Saturday, November 14, 2009

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  1. In your notes to your Muhammad 'Abduh biography published at you mention under Chapter 5, note 6 that: 'On who took the notes for Risalat al-tawhid: Adams, Islam and Modernism , says that notes were taken by Muhammad Abduh’s “brother,” “Hamuda Bey.” No brother of Muhammad Abduh is mentioned anywhere else, and this is probably a mistake for Sa’d al-Din Humada’s brother, Muhyi al-Din Bey Humada.'
    In the end (p. 8) of Rashid Rida's introduction to al-Islam wa-l-Nasraniyya ma'a al-'ilm wa-l-madaniyya, Rida mentions Hamuda Bey 'Abduh as well.